Fresher’s Fair at the University of Portsmouth

It was sometimes wet, it was often wild.  The University of Portsmouth’s Fresher’s Fair proved to be as eventful as ever this year. 20160921_114910

We had a stand there to let students know about our extended Minor Ailments Service.  Lalys at Guildhall Walk is now offering a free clinic to full-time students with minor ailments ranging from coughs and colds to thrush, cystitis and minor injuries.  It is helpful for students to know they can come and see our pharmacist seven days a week, without an appointment, to have a consultation in a private room and receive free medication.

Our Lalys goodie bags were also very popular!

It was good to see so many Fresher’s, Undergrads and Postgrads in such a short space of time.  Many of you already know Lalys and already collect prescriptions from our branch at Guildhall Walk.  Over 1000 students signed up to our Electronic Prescription Service this year.

Students, we salute you!!

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