In an effort to help the increased demand on health services in winter months and demonstrate the collaboration between healthcare professionals, the owner of Portsmouth’s largest independent pharmacy brand has invited a GP to hold a free advice drop in event on Wednesday 13th December between 3pm and 7pm.

As the nights draw in and weather gets colder, people often find themselves feeling poorly.   Appointments at GP surgeries are in greater demand than ever, there is an increase in hospital admissions and health services start to feel an increasing strain.

Now, Mr Laly, founder and director of Lalys Pharmacy is pioneering a new idea – a free advice clinic with a qualified GP at its branch on 3-5 Kingston Road for people who have questions or want some advice on a condition that is bothering them.

And who will the GP be? Dr Raj Laly.

‘It is true I have persuaded my son to try out this new idea,’ says Mr Laly with a smile. ‘Raj is a fully qualified, experienced GP who works in Petersfield and has agreed to come into the store on Wednesday 13th December for a few hours to see if it would be of use and benefit to our customers.’

‘When Dad asked me, I thought it was an interesting idea for people who just wanted to ask some questions,’ says Raj. ‘Obviously, if people are having major long-term treatments with their GP, I wouldn’t like to interfere with that relationship, but for minor ailments, winter colds or aches and pains, I will be on hand to see if I can offer any help.’

People wanting to speak to Dr Laly, will be seen on an informal basis between 3pm and 7pm.  If demand is high, then timings will be managed.

‘It would also be beneficial for a great many surgeries if people consulted with a pharmacist to see if they needed the attention of a GP,’ explains Raj. ‘We are hoping that by bringing the two together in one place, people will see the full range of services a pharmacy can offer and maybe it will help change some people’s way of getting health advice.’