Did you know?  We can now issue prescriptions for some minor infections.

After prominent discussions regarding improvements in social care and support for patients at home during the General Election, Portsmouth’s leading independent pharmacy has launched a new service that allows people to have prescriptions delivered directly to their door.

Lalys Pharmacy is embarking on its first ever public campaign to raise awareness of its latest innovations which allow people across Portsmouth to access its services without leaving their home.

Patients are being encouraged to visit the company’s website www.lalyspharmacy.co.uk in order to sign up and nominate Lalys as their chosen pharmacy.  This will be recorded on medical records so that once a GP creates a prescription, it can be electronically sent to Lalys, made up and delivered to the patient’s home.

‘The Electronic Prescription Service itself is not new, but only a tiny minority of people seem to know about it,’ explains Director, Mr Baldev Laly. ‘We are now supporting the initiative with new technology and a fleet of delivery vehicles.’

‘If someone is feeling poorly, they can go straight home after seeing their GP and we will bring their prescription to them. For less serious cases, it can simply save time for people who need to return to work or pick up their children.’

‘Most importantly, in the case of repeat prescriptions, a patient can arrange for the renewal to be authorised by their GP and for us to bring it to them without leaving the house. This means people are able to keep control of their healthcare, even if they are unable to be out and about.’

In addition to prescriptions, patients of Lalys Pharmacy are being offered a wide range of other services including telephone consultations, bookings for private consultations at any one of their four branches in Fratton, North End, Southsea and Guildhall Walk, and discounts from the website’s online store.

‘At the moment there is a lot of public and professional debate about supporting people’s healthcare requirements so that they can manage illness and recovery at home,’ says Mr Laly.  ‘We hope that our new services will make a contribution towards allowing people to look after themselves in a way that suits then.’

For more information, or to sign up to Lalys Pharmacy, visit www.lalyspharmacy.co.uk