In response to the CQC’s concerns about medication errors in care homes, Lalys Pharmacy is endorsing recommendations for pharmacies to get involved in the training of care staff and replacing paper records with eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Records) in order to increase safety and improve efficiency.

Of over 237 million medication errors that occur in England every year, the biggest proportion occurs in care homes, giving them the highest error rates per patient in the healthcare sector. The volume and complexity of medicines needed by elderly residents can be a major problem for carers who may not have enough experience in this area and the Department of Health is intent on reducing the inevitable errors that occur.

According to a government review, 92.8% of all medication errors in care homes are as a result of errors in administration, so to help reduce these instances of error, Lalys Pharmacy now offers a comprehensive eMAR system that uses barcode scanning and specialist software to ‘check-in’ medication upon its arrival, identify and match individual residents and monitor its administration.

Lalys Pharmacy has been providing individual and team training so that care home staff, each with their own individual accounts and log-ins for auditing purposes, can take full advantage of this new way of working which reduces paperwork and ensures medication is administered timely and correctly.

It also allows pharmacies to monitor individual routines, identify errors such as missed rounds or signatures and support care homes by responding quickly.

‘We have received a number of enquiries about eMAR from care homes wanting to keep up with the latest Department of Health recommendations,’ says Mr Laly. ‘We are pleased that the government and CQC recognise the importance of the relationship between pharmacies and care homes, and this technology is the next step forward in providing real time knowledge sharing and mutual support.’

If you are interested in learning more about how eMAR can help your care home, call Kate on 02392 833380 for a personal, no obligation discussion and/or demonstration.