We are pleased to announce the impending arrival of our new robotic blistering machine, the first in Portsmouth!

The Omnicell VBM 200F is self-checking, making filling blister packs even safer.   The machine self-audits which is particularly useful when there is an occasional manufacturer’s product recall.  Rather than requesting all of the medication back from the care home, only blister trays directly affected would be recalled, resulting in much less disruption for the home’s patients and staff.

Other benefits of the new filling machine include:

  • the ability to track and trace each medication packed
  • it uses our SureMed Class B certified, weekly pill packs which are designed to improve patient adherence by clearly organising and labelling multiple medications
  • drug and dose information is printed on the back of each individual blister
  • there will be a consolidated label printed on the inside cover of each card, including drug images.

Please contact Kate Harris on 02392 833380 or email her at kate.harris@jclgroup.co.uk if you would like to come and see how the machine works.