Spotlight on…. The Kingston Coffeehouse

In February 2016, our first in-Pharmacy coffee shop, the Kingston Coffeehouse, was born.

The idea came about because our customers at Kingston Road were asking us where they could get a coffee while they were waiting for their prescription to be made up.

Alex Bookham is Kingston Coffeehouse’s manager.  Previously, Alex worked in an office and before that, he worked behind the bar for two years at the prestigious Bat and Ball pub and restaurant in Clanfield.  We took a few minutes out of his busy morning to find out how it was all going.

How did the Kingston Coffeehouse come about?

Alex: With the sheer number of people who come to Lalys at Kingston Road, and the coffee revolution that has swept the country, it made sense to try and offer high quality coffee and snacks at competitive prices to fill the gap in the market in this area.  Our standards are high but our prices are lower than the high street chains.

What do people order when they come in?

Alex: We knew there was a market for good quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate, at reasonable prices.  Now we are into summer, we are also serving freshly made fruit smoothies which are also very popular.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Alex: My favourite part of the day is probably in the morning when you serve someone their favourite drink that sets them up for the day.  It’s always good to see the smile on their faces.

Kingston Coffeehouse is our first in-house pharmacy coffee shop and I’m enjoying managing all the different aspects of the business.  Maybe one day we can roll the idea out across all of the Lalys branches!

If you have any drink or snack suggestions, please contact us on Facebook on our Kingston Coffeehouse page or send an email to

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