Lalys Pharmacy wins two recognitions at the CPSC Awards
On Wednesday 11th July ten of us went to the Community Pharmacy South Central’s Pharmacy Awards at the Best Western hotel in Chilworth Manor for the Local Pharmacy Awards.
The Awards ceremony coincided with the semi-finals of the World cup between England and Croatia. Luckily, the organisers had put a screen up on the left hand of the stage so none of us missed out.

Unfortunately England didn’t win the football but Lalys Pharmacy did very well at the awards. We won two:
Best Community Pharmacist of the Year Penny Masters, Lead Pharmacist at Lalys Pharmacy
“In my experience, I have found that patients feel at ease discussing their health issues with me, however sometimes the advice and treatment I could offer was limited and still required referral back to the GP. By implementing our Minor Ailments Plus prescribing service, I am now able to offer a better patient experience, with timely access to a high standard of healthcare in a comfortable environment. Receiving this award was a real surprise & privilege and has been made possible by my strong team at Lalys enabling me to spend the extra time necessary to provide this service.”

Best Pharmacy Team Member of the year Ewa Piwowarczyk
“To us at Lalys, we see the importance of exemplary and quality customer service. We take time to listen to our communities by having regular conversations and ensuring that their needs are met. We endeavour to do our best and illustrate this to our customer at all times through offering various services and advice. We would say that being aware of your local demographic, being dynamic and creative is vital to survive within the current climate.”
Penny Masters said ‘we are proud of every member of Lalys Pharmacy, well done for all your hard work this year.’