Welcome to Hayling Island Branch

Find out about services we offer, book an appointment or contact us easily.

Welcome to Hayling Island Branch

Find out about services we offer, book an appointment or contact us easily.


Lalys Pharmacy opened its doors on 2nd May 2023 on 30 Station Road in Hayling Island. Located in a small residential shopping area, Lalys Pharmacy offers family friendly services for all ages.

Contact Us

Tel: 02392 463866
Email: hayling@lalyspharmacy.co.uk

Where to find us

30 Station Road
Hayling Island
PO11 0EG

Opening times

Weekdays: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Sunday: Closed

Lead Pharmacist

Issac Baidoo

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Emergency Hormonal Contraception

This service provides women access to an emergency contraceptive pill to prevent unplanned pregnancy after unprotected sex or if the contraception being used has failed. This service is only in the first 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex. But is most effective if taken as soon as possible. If you have exceeded the days, please make an appointment with you GP or the sexual health clinic.

Hypertension Case Finding Service

This free service offers patient 40 years old and over a free blood pressure check to identify high blood pressure and help prevent cardiovascular disease. 

New Medicine Service

The new medicines service is for a patient being put on new medication for certain chronic medical conditions. For example, Blood Pressure Medication, Asthma, Diabetes and more. This entails regular check ins with the patients to give support as well as allows advice to improve adherence. 

Discharge Medicine Service

This service is for patients who have recently been discharged from hospital, with possible changes to their medication. It consists of a discussion with a pharmacist a week after they have been discharged, to see how they are getting on. The pharmacist can offer any advice, from medication to getting back to normal day to day life. 

Pharmacy Urgent Repeat Medicines

This service assists patients when they are in need after GP opening hours. The service runs from 6pm on a Friday and through the weekend. In addition, it is also available on Bank Holidays. This allows those in need to access an emergency supply of repeat medications without going through 111, or waiting for the GP to open again.


We offer a variety of walk-in services, which are private, that any patient can use. These are:

  • Blood Pressure Testing 
  • Inhaler Checks