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Welcome to Lalys Pharmacy

Welcome to Lalys Pharmacy. With a 40 year history in community healthcare, we are one of the fastest growing pharmacy brands in the UK. We are committed to fulfilling prescriptions, providing healthcare services and constantly exploring how we can best support patients, GPs and partners across the NHS and health sector. 

Whether you are looking for contact details for your local branch or are interested in working with us for the benefit of your patients, please explore our website and we look forward to seeing you.

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Consultation Rooms for Hire

Are you an independent health practitioner looking to hire a consultation room? At Lalys Pharmacy we offer private, confidential spaces, equipped for professionalism, with essential amenities. Our flexible booking options and competitive rates make it easy to find your ideal space.






Official Sponsors

Lalys Pharmacy is proud to support organisations that compliment and promote exercise, health living and awareness. If you have a team, society or charity that you would like us to consider getting involved with, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Proud sponsors, because there’s no substitution for your health.