Primary Care Networks

Lalys Pharmacy have been working with Primary Care Networks (PCNs) since they were initially established in 2019. Designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of healthcare, GP practices, mental and social care teams, pharmacies, hospitals and voluntary services, teamed up to form PCNs. These important networks provide a more coordinated, integrated, and proactive approach to providing healthcare services.

Lalys are proud to be involved in PCN work across the three counties they currently operate. Some of Lalys successes to date include: 

  • a well-established back-office routinely engaging with the PCNs where we serve.
  • a blister packing robot that has enabled us to scale up our NOMAD service enabling support to care homes
  • engagement with acute hospitals throughout Hampshire
  • collaboration with other partners: pharmacies, charities, out-of-hours providers, universities
  • mobilisation of clinical services such as hypertension monitoring and an oral contraceptive pill service pilot, to alleviate some of the pressures in General Practice.

To learn more about Primary Care Networks, please see this useful, short animation.

To discuss how Lalys can support your PCN further, please contact our headquarters on 023 9283 3380.