Pompey Partnership to Promote Blood Pressure Checks

Portsmouth FC player Ben Stevenson with Lalys Pharmacy team

As health organisations across the UK support a national campaign calling for people over 40 to have Blood Pressure Checks, Portsmouth’s largest independent pharmacy brand, Lalys Pharmacy, partnered with Portsmouth Football Club to offer onsite checks to fans attending matches at Fratton Park.

 Pompey midfielder, Ben Stevenson and popular former player, Alan Knight, led by example in getting their blood pressure checked and helped a team of staff from Lalys Pharmacy led by Clinical Service Lead, Aisa Fraser, raise awareness amongst fans attending home matches.

“We did 64 Blood Pressure Checks over two matches at Fratton Park and 75% tested as high,” says Aisa. “In four cases, so 6% of those tested, we needed to make a referral to their GP and we recommended 33 people to attend their pharmacy for regular monitoring.”

“Though it may not be the most welcome news on the way to watch a match, it just proves how important it is to know your blood pressure and the value of the current attention being paid to Blood Pressure Checks.’

“Checking your blood pressure is one of the easiest ways to see how well your body is working,” explains Dr Raj Laly, Director of Lalys Pharmacy which has branches across Portsea Island as well as Cosham, Gosport and Hayling Island. “Early detection can identify health conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease, as well as help prevent heart attacks, strokes and vascular dementia.”

“We want people to know that, if you’re over 40, you can get your blood pressure checked, absolutely free at any of our stores and were very grateful to Portsmouth Football Club for their support and this great opportunity.’”

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Portsmouth FC's Ben Stevenson having blood pressure check
Former Portsmouth FC player Alan Knight having blood pressure check
Portsmouth FC mascot having blood pressure check
Portsmouth FC player Ben Stevenson with Lalys Pharmacy team