Welcome to Lalys Pharmacy. We are an established pharmacy in Hampshire and online pharmacy UK serving the health needs of the whole of the United Kingdom, as well as the local area, as we have for 25 years. We have NHS prescription drugs, natural health and beauty products, nutritional vitamin supplements, newborn baby products, men's & women's perfumes and more.

Our goal is to supply our customers with cheaper products than the local pharmacy with the added convenience of home delivery within 24 hours of ordering. The customers of our online pharmacy in the UK save up to 90% on many products, compared to the price at your local chemist. We accept all major credit cards for payment and shopping with us is always secure.

We are qualified pharmacists for NHS prescription drugs and private prescriptions, and we follow all standards set by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. You can find a wide variety of brand name and generic prescription medications at significant cost savings. Our prescription drugs are dispensed by highly trained and experienced pharmacists, who are available to answer questions about your medications.

In addition to prescription and non prescription medications, we have a variety of other products. We supply nutritional vitamin supplements, newborn baby products, colognes fragrance, natural health and beauty products and much more at affordable prices. Your savings is even greater with free shipping on transactions of over £40. Please contact us if you have any questions about prescription medications or any of our other products.